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I am the second owner of an oil fired boiler with which I heat my home (hot water radiators.) The boiler is made by Crown Boiler Company in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It was installed new in 2002. During a recent annual maintenance visit by my oil company, the technician discovered leakage of water from the cast iron block inside the boiler. It appeared the joint that was leaking was not properly sealed with adhesive material when originally assembled (opinion of the boiler mechanic).

I contacted Crown directly and was told that the boiler block has a "lifetime warranty", but that it would not be honored since I was not the original owner of the boiler.

Now am I missing something or does "lifetime" not mean lifetime? I even asked if they would send a representative out to examine the boiler, and they refused saying it would serve no purpose since they would not honor the warranty for me.

So, my advice is to boycott this company and don't get lured into their promise of "lifetime" warranty which is essentially meaningless.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Alexandria Bay, New York, United States #1263299

I have Crown Stainless Steel Storage tank that isn't two years yet and the won't honor the lifetime warranty and I am the original purchaser. I was told it because of bad water. I had a different brand tank in use for 40 year and used the same water.

Johnston, Rhode Island, United States #1243922

This is common with all boiler manufacturers. Not just Crown.

I have a Burnham V7 series that was known for leaking problems. But I was not the original owner of the home. My Dad was. It leaked at 7 years old.

I was told you are not the original owner, so the warranty is void. This was the man who installed it for my Dad. When I told him to replace it, he said "OH" you will love the new Burnham Megastar series.

I said WAIT, replace it with anything but a Burnham. I'm no fool.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #801019

It's a limited lifetime warranty which means the warranty has limitations. In this case it is limited to the original owner. That is common practice for an appliance manufacturer.


Why wouldn't I buy a Crown Boiler? If it has a lifetime warranty to the "original" owner, then if I am the one buying it, I will be covered.

If I decide to sell my house, let the other person worry about it. Seems like you're upset over a VERY common practice among manufacturers all over the world.

to KeepinItReal Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #598947

i just got a crown tmz150 for 1600 bucks compared to 2800 else where im loving it i even went down to ther plant and picked up a bigger nozle at there plant, the tech up there enen told me what to do for the heater to be more loving it

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